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Adriana Cordero

Hello! I would like to tell you a bit of my story. I was born in the city of Lima – Peru in a family of artists and in addition to my love for painting and drawing I was a professional dancer for many years, dedicating part of my life to dancing and teaching dance classes. I have diplomas from the Royal Academy of Dance (UK), CONI (Italy) and the Scuola di Ballo del Teatro alla Scala (Italy). Although I currently do not dance, I believe this training nourishes my works as an engraver artist and my creative and art therapy workshops. I have lived and studied in the city of Barcelona and I love to travel. I believe that each city I have lived in or visited has left an indelible mark on me that I treasure. Among other things I am a lover of nature and sports; from surfing, archery, horse riding and I am currently taking my first steps with mountain biking. To learn a little more about my career as an artist and art therapist, I invite you to continue reading.


As an artist I can tell you that I studied at the Catholic University of Peru and specialized in engraving. I have also had the opportunity to make different updates and thus take courses at the Taller Manera Negra (Barcelona) and with the artist Lorena Pradal (Argentina).

I have participated in numerous collective exhibitions in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Russia, among others.

So far I have three individual exhibitions and my works are in public and private collections such as Miniart Exchange Group / Collezione D – Brazil, Naestved International – Denmark and The Americas Biennial Exhibition & Archive – U.S.A.

In 2005 I won the Adolfo Winternitz award and in 2006 the Critics Award in the city of Lima. The last collective exhibition in which I have participated has been L’Incisione. Rassegna di contemporary graphic art, organized by the association Officine Incisiorie (Rome). On that occasion I presented the play Innocence.

My works speak of the nature of the feminine world. I mainly work with the intaglio technique but I like to experiment with planographic techniques, serigraphy, monotypes, drawing and others. Each work is handcrafted and belongs to a small numbered edition, stamped and signed.

If you want to see some of my works you can click here

I am also passionate about drawing and research with different materials, I like to see how different languages ​​dialogue in the same space: colors, shapes, movement and images belong to a universe in which I feel part.

Each work is a special vision of my world.

If you want to know my offer of artistic workshops (in Spanish or Italian) you can click here for Spanish or here for Italian.

If you want to know a little more about my day to day in the workshop and see the process of creating my works you can follow me on my Instagram account or on my YouTube. channel

Art Therapy

Art has been a great companion for me since I was very little. I firmly believe in the power it has over human beings and the benefits that we can obtain thanks to it.

I studied art therapy at the Artedo school, Italy and I specialized in plastic-pictorial art therapy, although in my workshops we can also use movement and writing. I have been teaching creative and art workshops for well-being since 2000 and have had the pleasure of doing so in countries such as Peru, Spain and Italy. I like to be constantly updated to be able to give my clients the best of me. I have participated in different art therapy congresses and in 2018 I exhibited my project “Kintsugi” at the art therapy congress in the city of Lecce.

About my experience I can tell you that I have worked in the psychiatric department of the Fabio Perinei Hospital (Altamura). I have also carried out numerous projects in schools with children from 3 to 5 years old in the cities of Bari and Matera (Italy). I have collaborated with different public and private structures in conducting workshops with children, families, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

I currently have open spaces in my atelier in person (Gravina in Puglia, Italy) and online. I wait for you virtually or in person!

If you want to know a little more you can click here for info in Spanish or here for info in Italian

If you want to know a little more about my work as an art therapist you can follow me on my Instagram account or on my YouTube channel

In ogni sua opera, dalla più piccola alla più grande, da una foto scattata a un quadro disegnato, scaturisce l’amore che prova verso il suo lavoro.


Merci Adriana Cordero pour tes créations personnalisées, toujours avec une touche délicate et unique qui fait la différence. Merci pour ton professionalisme, ton talent et ton implication pour chaque projet. Nous recommendons!


Last Christmas I decided to do something extra besides my typical present of books.  Something unique that could remain with my loved ones after they had finished reading their books and set them aside.  I called Adriana and asked her to create a new series of bookmarks for me, “I will not suggest a thing to you. You are the artist. You have full control.  I just want them to have an Adriana Cordero original.”  The bookmarks she crafted are the flowery prairie alongside which we read our books: peaceful, enchanting, ethereal. I love her art.

New Zeland

Love my etching of Daddy and Baby seahorse!!! Artist was wonderful to work with! Thank you for my beautiful bookmark too!

United States
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