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Adriana Cordero

It makes me very happy that you are here!

Art for me is a way of life, it is the best way I have to express myself and take care of my well-being. It has been the friend and companion, who has been by my side in the moments of greatest difficulty and loneliness and through images I have found the way of expressing myself.

I am an artist and art therapist and I live in the city of Gravina in Puglia, Italy. I was born in the city of Lima, Peru in a family that loves art and nature. From a very young age, art has been part of my life and I firmly believe in the healing power it has on people.

My first contact with the art world was through my grandmothers: Antonieta who was a painter and Gabriela, a dancer. Since I was a child I spent hours in Grandma Antonieta’s workshop painting small fabrics with oil paint and turpentine on an easel that she had prepared especially for me and at the age of 8 I entered the dance academy. Over time I was accepted to the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. I majored in engraving and graduated with the highest votes. When I finished my university studies, I traveled to the city of Barcelona where I continued my studies, worked in different institutions and came into contact with a new artistic world.

Time passed and I arrived in the city of Gravina in Puglia, Italy where I have put down roots. Here I have my engraving workshop and my art therapy studio, but I also really enjoy being in contact with people from all over the world thanks to my artworks, technology and the digital world.

I like to be always up-to-date, continuing to train through different courses and testing new materials that have a lower impact on the environment.

Experience & Education

To read about my experience and education as an artist you can click here

To read about my experience and education as an art therapist you can click here

Some information that may interest you:

  • 2 individual exhibitions: Art and Technique (Gravina in Puglia, Italy) and The Other Creatures (Altamura, Italy).
  • Participation in numerous national and international collective exhibitions.
  • Works in public and private collections in countries such as Italy, Brazil, Denmark, and the US.
  • Creator and founder of Colaboratorio AIM and Arte in Movimento project, an international, biannual and itinerant exhibition of mailart.
  • Member of Grafica di Via Sette Dolori.
  • Winner of the Critics Award (2006) and Adolfo Winternitz Award (2005).
  • Collaboration with the Engraving Specialty of the PUCP in the development of different artistic projects.
  • More than 25 years of experience facilitating workshops in private and public schools, senior centers, communities, mental health centers, hospitals, among others. During these years I have worked in the countries of Peru, Spain and Italy with people of different ages and abilities.
  • Over 100 hours of experience in clinical therapy with adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health complexities.
  • Supervised by a Senior Art Therapist.
  • In constant update.

Sessions & Workshops

I think both, therapist and client; we bring our energy, creativity and world view to the workshop to co-create a unique space.

One of my greatest interests is being able to help people lead a more real, balanced and authentic life, according to their own needs.

Within my workshops you will always find a transpersonal vision through the use of techniques and methodologies from the East and the West. During a workshop or session we can use different materials and techniques such as painting, collage, sculpture, writing, breathing exercises or others. The materials and techniques will be modified according to what you want to work with. Each session is unique.

My practice is mainly oriented to use art as a self-care tool, which can help us to deepen about emotions, feelings, situations and gain greater self-knowledge and power over our decisions.

One of my greatest interests is that when you participate in one of my workshops or sessions you can find a welcoming, open and non-judgmental space. If you want to know more about my workshops and sessions you can click here

Almost 30 years of accompanying people of all ages to discover their creative potential. I started giving workshops at the age of 13 to little children of 5 and although my practice and I have changed a lot over the years, it is wonderful to see year after year how art has the ability to connect us with that Magic that we all carry inside. how it helps us create community and gives power back to those who think they have lost it.

Please note that I can lead art workshops in English but if you are interested in art therapy workshops I can give sessions in Italian or Spanish.

My Art Works

They talk about nature, the feminine world and fantasy. I mainly work with the intaglio technique but I like to experiment with planographic techniques, serigraphy, monotypes, drawing and others. Each work is handcrafted and belongs to a small numbered edition, stamped and signed. If you want to see some of my works you can click here

I am also passionate about drawing and research with different materials, I like to see how different languages ​​dialogue in the same space: colors, shapes, movement and images belong to a universe in which I feel part. Each work is a special vision of my world. If you want to know more about my training and exhibitions you can click here

In ogni sua opera, dalla più piccola alla più grande, da una foto scattata a un quadro disegnato, scaturisce l’amore che prova verso il suo lavoro.


Merci Adriana Cordero pour tes créations personnalisées, toujours avec une touche délicate et unique qui fait la différence. Merci pour ton professionalisme, ton talent et ton implication pour chaque projet. Nous recommendons!


Last Christmas I decided to do something extra besides my typical present of books.  Something unique that could remain with my loved ones after they had finished reading their books and set them aside.  I called Adriana and asked her to create a new series of bookmarks for me, “I will not suggest a thing to you. You are the artist. You have full control.  I just want them to have an Adriana Cordero original.”  The bookmarks she crafted are the flowery prairie alongside which we read our books: peaceful, enchanting, ethereal. I love her art.

New Zeland

Love my etching of Daddy and Baby seahorse!!! Artist was wonderful to work with! Thank you for my beautiful bookmark too!

United States
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