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Adriana Cordero


My name is Adriana Cordero, I was born in the city of Lima – Peru within a family passionate about art and nature.
Since 2010 I live in a small town in southern Italy called Gravina in Puglia.
In 2006 I graduated as a printmaker at Pontificia Catholic University of Peru, continuing my studies in the city of Barcelona and in Italia.


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In ogni sua opera, dalla più piccola alla più grande, da una foto scattata a un quadro disegnato, scaturisce l’amore che prova verso il suo lavoro.


Merci Adriana Cordero pour tes créations personnalisées, toujours avec une touche délicate et unique qui fait la différence. Merci pour ton professionalisme, ton talent et ton implication pour chaque projet. Nous recommendons!


Last Christmas I decided to do something extra besides my typical present of books.  Something unique that could remain with my loved ones after they had finished reading their books and set them aside.  I called Adriana and asked her to create a new series of bookmarks for me, “I will not suggest a thing to you. You are the artist. You have full control.  I just want them to have an Adriana Cordero original.”  The bookmarks she crafted are the flowery prairie alongside which we read our books: peaceful, enchanting, ethereal. I love her art.

New Zeland

Love my etching of Daddy and Baby seahorse!!! Artist was wonderful to work with! Thank you for my beautiful bookmark too!

United States


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