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I’m back with great news!

I’m back with great news!

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Here I am again! It’s been 7 months and they have been very intense! I have enjoyed every second of this time offline on social networks. To be honest I thought of absent myself for just a month to be able to fully experience the birth of my second daughter but in the end one thing has led to another and time has passed! I believe in a time when we are used to running, it is important to defend ourselves and put priorities. The decision to make a stop was difficult but this has helped me to be able to concentrate and dedicate myself conscientiously to everything I have done. Thank you very much to the people who have waited for me and continue follow my work!


In all this time, in addition to dedicating myself to my family, I have been able to see with a certain distance everything that I am doing with the workshop and between diapers and milk I have managed to plan the new direction that I want this place to take.


I want to share with you that many beautiful things are coming and that they make me very excited.

I start by telling you that I have been making some drawings on demand, of which I have made some videos and that I will soon post them on my YouTube channel. If you like the topics of art and art and well-being, I invite you to follow me and subscribe!

Thanks to all the people who have supported me during these months buying my work and making special requests, it is always beautiful to think that my art can accompany them and give them joy.


My Instagram account comes back renewed. I think the printmaking is not always known or the process required to obtain an art work is not clear or when someone want to buy a work of mine or of another artist they don’t know if they are buying an original or a reproduction. Thus, I have thought about adding some new sections such as: glossary of terms, interviews with other printmakers and videos from my workshop to see the process of a work. I hope you can find this interesting proposal and if you have more ideas or things that you would like to see do not hesitate to write to me! If you still don’t know my space on Instagram, here you have it!


For all the subscribers of my newsletter I have created a space called “Resources” where you can find my guide to artistic materials. I have updated that section with new links to art materials, books on techniques, art books in general, and art and wellness books. If you are not yet subscribed you can do it here!


Surely you have already noticed that the website has a new assistant! So if you have any questions you can write me a WhatsApp message through the assistant or an email to and I will respond as soon as possible!


If this is still not enough, I will tell you something that has been around for a long time! I have created on my website a new section called “Workshops” where you can find all my offer of face-to-face and online workshops for adults, adolescents and children in Italian or spanish (by now). For many years I have taught workshops in collaboration with other institutions and this is the first time that I will be able to receive them in my workshop (online and physical)! You can’t imagine how excited I am to be able to create this together with you. Soon I will write a specific article about this but I am telling you so that you can take a look and give me your opinions, ideas and suggestions!

I need to tell you one last thing but I will leave it for another post!

Well, there are all my news! As you have read, many beautiful things are coming! My greatest wish is that all the love that I have put into creating all these programs, videos, spaces can be useful for you!

For now I send you a big kiss and I hope you are very well! I read you!


P.S thanks to all the people who have written to me during this time offline, I have thought a lot and missed you!

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