I help sensitive souls regain emotional
well-being through art therapy workshops and
handmade artworks.
Adriana Cordero Atelier
Hello, I’m Adriana
Since I was little I loved creating fantastic worlds and materializing them on a sheet of paper.
My inner world was always too much for most people, but thanks to art I was able to find serenity.

Over time art became my best friend, my refuge and confidant. It was with me in the most difficult moments of my life and is the one who helped me transform everything that was bothering me inside.

I have traveled, experienced different cultures and countries and my art has changed with me over time.

Today I share my works of art with people from all over the world and accompany sensitive and brave souls in art therapy workshops.
¿Qué hace cuando de
repente llega una emoción?
La verdad es que nuestra relación con ellas no es siempre de los mejores… sobretodo si se trata de emociones como la rabia o la tristeza.

He individuado 3 pasos para ponerte en contacto con ellas de manera gentil.
¡Empieza a vivir una vida más serena y consciente!

    I have the privilege of working with wonderful souls
    I have participated in the creative workshops carried out by Adriana. Calling them laboratories is an understatement, they are true artistic and emotional experiences. Painting, drawing, manipulation of materials, but also reading, music and dance. All under the sweet and sensitive gaze of Adriana, a unique teacher, capable of guiding and coordinating the different processes and emoting, as only a true artist can do. And she is.


    Commitment, perseverance and the unstoppable desire to express emotions inevitably transform into original masterpieces... all this is Adriana Cordero! A complete artist! I had the pleasure of attending two of their creative workshops; a magical discovery of reality with sweetness and imagination through the five senses, then expressed with the body and manual skills. An unforgettable experience!


    I admire his work, dedication and professionalism in everything he does, because he does it with love and that is when the Magic is really born and all the talent flows. Thank you for everything you give and project. I absolutely recommend it!


    Adriana is a wonderful and very empathetic person. Being around her is therapeutic. Imagine a workshop with her. His works are unique and recognizable. A complete artist!


    Adriana is a unique artist, she has done something for me with some work that was beautiful, she transmitted so much sentiment and heat.


    Beautiful print that captures the essence of the vast sea. 1000% recommended!


    She is a super professional, prepared artist. He knows how to give excellent advice, guides you and his works are truly wonderful.


    Adriana does beautiful work, true works of art! Both those from his portfolio and those he makes on request. Adriana takes care of every detail, from the paper chosen for her works to their packaging. Each one is a small masterpiece!


    Last Christmas I decided to do something extra besides my typical present of books.  Something unique that could remain with my loved ones after they had finished reading their books and set them aside.  I called Adriana and asked her to create a new series of bookmarks for me, “I will not suggest a thing to you. You are the artist. You have full control.  I just want them to have an Adriana Cordero original.”  The bookmarks she crafted are the flowery prairie alongside which we read our books: peaceful, enchanting, ethereal. I love her art.


    Thank you Adriana Cordero for your personalized creations, always with a delicate and unique touch that makes the difference. Thank you for your professionalism, your talent and your involvement in every project. We recommend it!


    In each of his works, from the smallest to the largest, from a photo taken to a painted painting, the love he feels for his work emerges.


    Love my etching of Daddy and Baby seahorse!!! Artist was wonderful to work with!


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