Art has always been my greatest refuge
Since I was little I loved creating fantastic worlds and materializing them on a sheet of paper.
My inner world was always too much for most people, but through art and dance I was able to find peace and serenity.

Over time art became my best friend, my refuge and confidant.
It was with me in the most difficult moments of my life and is the one who helped me transform everything that was bothering me inside.
When words couldn’t come out I expressed myself through colors, shapes and symbols
The first years of university were not easy, but I managed to finish with the best grades and win the Adolfo Winternitz awards, the Critics’ Prize and exhibit my works in different galleries.

Even though on the outside everything seemed very nice, I felt a great emptiness inside of me.
I wanted to know who I really was and thus began my Hero’s Journey
Against everyone’s opinion I moved to the city of Barcellona. There I lived a thousand adventures. Those experiences opened my vision of the world, my art changed but my inner world always remained very intense.

A new dream was also born in Barcelona: to have my own art studio.

And when Giamma appeared in my life I had to make drastic decisions: I moved to Italy.

After many battles with my own internal world the night returned, this time more intense and deeper.
Thanks to a lot of work, dawn also arrived.
The work on me didn’t stop
I began to listen to my muses again, I began to draw again wherever I was and to always carry my notebook with me. I resumed dancing. I finally opened my art studio. I began practicing yoga, reiki meditation and conscious breathing, and began to study how art could improve people’s psychophysical well-being.

I applied everything I learned about myself and when I felt ready I started sharing it.
The secret to leading a full life is to love ourselves with our lights and shadows
Today I share my works of art with people from all over the world and accompany sensitive and brave souls to live a more serene and conscious life through art.
What can I do for you
Art therapy is a wonderful and very powerful tool that helps us connect with our unconscious in a gentle way.
Our unconscious knows words but its best form of communication is through colors, shapes and symbols.
It is for this reason that art is so powerful and effective when establishing a dialogue with it.

All the answers are within you, you just have to know how to look for them!

I will help you go within and find what you are looking for.

My workshops are available in Spanish or Italian

My Art

In my online store you can find unique handmade works or original engravings in small print runs.
All of them are inspired by the relationship between human beings and nature.

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